Gaylord Hotels Unwind Home Diffuser Set

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Our Unwind Home Diffuser Set is ready to greet you with the relaxing aroma of lavender, cedarwood and other florals — the same aroma drifting through the Relâche Spa at Gaylord Hotels. One room diffuser machine with dry air technology covers about 800 square feet. Scent cartridge lasts up to 300 hours.

  • A Gaylord Hotels Exclusive
  • Includes one home diffuser machine and scent cartridge
  • Notes of lavender, cedarwood and other florals
  • Innovative dry air technology
  • Scent diffuser cartridge lasts approximately 300 hours
  • Freshens approximately 800 square feet
  • Scent intensity selector on back panel
  • Comes with 110V AC adapter
  • 6.5" x 6.3" x 7.25" high